An update from Friday 28th January 2011

Well as you can imagine the last week has been a little crazy!

Hubby’s knees have turned a lovely colour combination of green, yellow, black, blue and purple. He is having to use a stick to get about and his knees now make a magnificent crunching sound when he goes up and down stairs. He visited the GP yesterday for a check up after Friday and has been signed off for a week. He is still suffering with headaches, neck and back pain along with the knees. If he isn’t significantly better by next week he will be sent for physiotherapy.

The police haven’t contacted us since last Friday despite us being told they would be in contact with us on Monday. I rang the station today to find out what is happening. The poor guy on the end of the phone had 17 pages to trawl through to find out all the details. He is emailing the officer in charge of the investigation. We now have a crime number not just a log number.

I had been congratulating myself on how well I was doing considering the immense shock and stress I had been under. POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) is a bit of a slave to stress and I was expecting to be incapacitated quite quickly. It actually didn’t happen until after a visit by my best friend Ellie and her partner on Wednesday. I collapsed after their visit and have rarely left my bed since sleeping for 13-14 hours at a stretch.

I think Ellie’s visit was the first time I had relaxed since Friday. There was no talk about accidents, buying cars, police or insurance companies. Just coffee and cream cakes! And laughing when Frankie brought down 3 cardboard toilet tube innards in his mouth at one time to prevent the other dogs -Willow and Mollie getting a look in. For some bizarre reason Frankie is obsessed with these and sits and chews them until they are a wet, soggy mess. He will even barge into the bathroom whilst its occupied to see if you have finished with a toilet roll!

Despite all this I have still managed to have a rather loud discussion with DR Y who has through his actions (or lack of them) and general attitude confirmed my belief that despite getting a diagnosis his ineptitude continues. I will next week be writing a letter to DR J at another practice to move surgeries. Is it wrong to want and need the support of your GP? Am I asking someone in the caring profession to do more than care?

I need to end this post on a happy note! So I need to thank Ellie for giving me a mention on her blog, (since this went on last Friday / Saturday I have had over 50 views), I would also like to thank Ellie’s followers for leaving those lovely comments which were very much appreciated by all of us here.

Also just to let you know Mollies eye – which was cut in the accident has completely healed. Frankie’s cut has healed but he has a bit of hair loss on the injury site so that will take a little time to completely heal. Willow has settled down, she is going through a phantom pregnancy at the moment and has adopted my hubby as her puppy. She was very distressed by the accident, but is now much happier as Daddy/ puppy has been home all week, so she has got to groom him every night before going to sleep. By grooming I mean licking him clean, she is particularly obsessed with his rather large belly, it takes a good hour to get clean!

Thanks again

5 thoughts on “An update from Friday 28th January 2011

  1. I'm so sorry to read how bad you are feeling. I think because you relaxed during our visit, and thus switched of the adrenaline needed to cope, your body obviously said enough is enough.

    No. There is NOTHING wrong with wanting doctor who supports you – I'm surpised you've stuck with DR Y so long!

    Steve and I are now collecting toilet roll inards. We thought it was the least we could do after so many delicious cream cakes. Plus, Frankie might pay some attention if I bring him pressies. LOL.

    Hugs, Ellie


  2. Hi Rachel .. sounds like an up and down thing .. and the shock definitely doesn't help … sounds like another dose of coffee cake is required.

    Look after yourselves, glad the animals are healing and hope hubby's knees come back to being pale and healthy .. but you – be as peaceful as possible .. all the very best – Hilary


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