Haven’t been too good recently as my blood pressure has been all over the place. Having to spend many days in bed hence the lack of posts.

I had a spinal xray recently and that has come back all clear which is good news. Im still in a bit of pain with my back , hips and pelvis but its under control.

The dr has organised a load of blood tests for lymes, thyroid, addisons etc. So I will be having those shortly.

Ive been dropped by Dr X, as theres nothing wrong with me! So its just me and Dr Y now.

Hoping to get a an appointment with a Prof in London who deals with Dysautonomia, as this covers a wide range of my weird and wonderful symptoms. I have done a few basic tests at home with my blood pressure monitor (poormans tilt table test) and my heart rate increases on standing up, over 30 beats per minute and continues to stay elevated whilst standing. My blood pressure also increases. I also have blood pooling in my legs on standing – they go purple. So something is going on!

All I can do at present is wait for the results from the blood tests and go from there.

Sorry there isn’t better news.

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