pain in the neck!

Hi, it took a few days to happen but the crash came yesterday. I slept most of Sunday, I woke up feeling pretty weird and hubs noticed and sent me back to bed. My legs were very weak and shaky and I was struggling to keep my head up.

Today I feel a bit better but I’m very sluggish. My neck is killing me its getting to the point where I am just going to have to go to bed and lay down. I’m wearing a neck collar but the muscles in my scalp, neck and upper back have just had enough. The strain my neck is under keeping my head up is giving me constant headaches. Its so annoying as I just dont know what to do with myself.

Its so nice to be back on the mestinon and have both my eyes open! What a treat! Unfortunately as you can see the mestinon is doing nothing for my neck.

I’m now waiting for my letter to arrive from Oxford with the Dr’s report. Having had a bit of a hunt around on the internet today I can see that my eye exam was classical MG with occular involvement. Whenever I did an upward gaze my eyes twitched like crazy. But who knows the eye Dr said last time it was MG and was completely over ruled. The longer I wait for the report the less hopeful I get.

I emailed Dr Y today with the issues surrounding my blood pressure and the funny turns I keep having. Hopefully at some point he will get back to me. Who knows!

Thank you for following my blog, its nice to know people out there are reading it.

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