Well the shopping was delivered but I didn’t unpack it. Unfortunately just a few hours after I posted that blog, I had to call my husband and get him to come home from work.

I had woken a few times in the night with backache, right between my shoulder blades. Each time I woke up I shifted positions. I still had it in the morning when I came downstairs but then I started getting pain underneath my ribs on the right hand side. It developed really quickly and then I started being sick. It was awful I couldn’t get comfortable. I could only lie on my left side, it was agony if I lay on my back. My husband called the local surgery and the duty Dr came out to see me. As the pain was in a band the Dr said it could be shingles starting up or it could be my gall bladder. (Its the second attack of pain I’ve had in the last 6 months that could be my gall bladder. Its been scanned and has drawn a blank!). She gave me a perscription for some codeine and told me to call the surgery if I developed the shingels rash or the pain got worse.

Thankfully the pain settled over a few hours. Im still tender and feeling very tired, but I haven’t taken any pain killers today.

At 930am this morning there was a knock at the door and the district nurse was there. Dr Y my Gp had seen that the duty Dr had been called out and sent the nurse around to do some bloods, to see if its my gall bladder. I’m actually very impressed with that Dr Y.

So now I wait and see if anything shows up. It didn’t last time but you never know with me and my weird presentation of illnesses!

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