Hospital Admission

I received my hospital admission papers today. I have to be at the ward for 1130am and ring the ward at 830am to confirm they have a bed available for me. The problem is that I live 3 -4 hours drive away from the hospital and will need to set off at 7am. I have contacted the hospital today to explain the issue, because my mum who is coming with me has to book a hotel room on top of having to leave before the stated 830am phone call. I understand that they can’t confirm bed space until that day, but when someone is travelling the kind of distance we are, their approach should be more flexible.

Waiting for the shopping to be delivered today. I try and do the shopping online to save my husband having to do it. The only problem with this is actually having the ability to put it away! I have developed a system where Frozen and chilled get put away first. Then I rest for an hour or so and put the rest away in stages. It can be a bit of a nightmare and it has been known to reduce me to tears on occasion. Other than that there are no exciting plans today.

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