I have a date!

Oxford rang yesterday to inform me that they want me to come up on the 8th March for my hospital stay. So something different to look forward to and it will also help me give up the fags as no one will be there to wheel me out of the hospital grounds so that I can indulge in my filthy habit!

I’m absolutely terrified if truth be told. Its certainly not my idea of fun it is a necessary evil and thats the only way to look at it.

Hubby is concerned that whilst I’m gone he may fall off the dieting wagon. He gets very stressed when I’m in hospital and generally spends the day eating and smoking. He’s just won slimmer of the week again at his works slimming club, losing 10lb in two weeks. So he has a lot to lose in many ways if he falls off the wagon in my absence. He is already joking with his colleagues if he wins again next week he should get to keep the trophy – like with the world cup!

In preparation for my upcoming hospital stay I have done the truly british thing and treated myself to some new knickers! I adore Marks and Spencers Cotton briefs so have ordered 10 pairs. Along with some new secret support vests. Although I have a somewhat ample bust I can not no matter how hard I try get on with bras. In the summer I wear sloggi Bra tops or go “commando”. In the winter I wear my secret support vests. So much easier, especially now my fingers rarely do as they are told and wouldn’t manage a bra clasp.

I now just need to drag out my PJ’s and get them washed and ironed. My hospital bag is pretty much always on stand by as last year I just had too many trips to hospital. I’m going to speak to mother and see if she can get me some cheap night shirts from primark as well just incase they decide to do a Plasma Exchange whilst I am there. I will need the night shirts as basically a cannula is inserted into your groin for several days, so Pj’s are out.

I have been stocking up on things to do whilst in hospital. I have a word puzzle book and I have decided I would like to sort out my recipe book and transcribe all the recipes into a bigger better book, that isn’t covered in stains from where it has been repeatedly consulted whilst I am cooking. I need to find some good books as well to keep me occupied. I also love listening to the radio, so I will be taking a small digital radio with me so I can continue listening to Radio 7 during my stay.

Any others suggestions to help me while away the hours would be gratefully recieved! I will be keeping a diary whilst away so I can update my blog when I return.

3 thoughts on “I have a date!

  1. Hey hun, Minxy here!

    Got your message and thankyou for caring x I promise to be sensible and go in if I have too!
    I see you will be joining the hospital party lol sounds pretty grim hun, but you made me laugh about the knicker thing, I got my hubby to get me some yesterday just in case I had to go in lol must be a british thing lol
    Good luck with your procedures, i will be thinking of you!
    Do you have a laptop you could take with you? I could talk to you every day then and compare notes on the dishy junior docs hee hee


  2. Hey Minxy,
    Looks like you have got a tad confused as this post was from last year! So no hospital admissions planned for me at the moment.

    They dont seem to do laptops at my local hospital you can only get internet access through the patient phones /tv systems which are really expensive and crap lol!

    I could give you my mobile number if you like and then we could text whilst you are in hospital. I dont want you thinking you are all alone. As thats not true.

    Take care of yourself

    Rach xx


  3. lol brain fog!!! what a dufus! Well glad to hear that it's all over and done with!
    I had that problem with internet access last year when I was in so I sneaked out with the family at visiting time and went to pc world. I bought a 3G dongleto plug into my laptop for £30 which had credit on it already. Just plugged it in and had intant connection. And fast too! I used it every day whilst i was there and also use it a bit at home sometimes and I still havn't had to top it up! It was a real life saver, I couldn't have spent xmas in there without it! So I will be able to keep in touch hun : 0 )


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