Still Waiting ……

It will be 6 weeks on Wednesday since I had my blood drawn for tests and Im still non the wiser as to if anything has shown up in them. MG seems to be the disease that is all about waiting. Blood tests take an age, neurologists adopt a wait and see approach, its all just waiting, waiting, waiting. Never any doing!

Im also waiting to hear whether or not my request to be seen by a specialist in London will be allowed. I have no idea how long it takes to get the Primary Care Trusts approval or for my GP to contact the Oxford Dr. Again more waiting in limbo land and still no effective treatment.

On a positive note I saw my 18 week old Nephew on Saturday. I haven’t seen him since he was 4 weeks old and hes huge now! I held him and played with him for around an hour. I have been struggling to use my arms ever since. It shocks me at how weak I have become that I struggle to hold a baby. I dont mind my arms being weak, it was a good use of energy and happy to pay the price. I get more upset when I have wasted energy on something that doesn’t bring rewards or if I wake up weak and feeble. That feels dreadfully unfair.

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