I had an email today from Dr Y regarding my referral to London to the pulmanologist. Apparently he needs to liase with Oxford and take advice from the PCT. So I am no further on at present. Find it quite amusing that he is no longer consulting Dr X regarding my treatment.

Had a letter from the local hospitals physio department today as well. In October 2009 I was supposed to go for an assessment with the physio but I was too sick at that point to be put on a treadmill. They want me to go on the 2nd Feb, but again I am not well enough to go on a treadmill. Im barely managing to get around my house and they will certainly not be looking after me at home after they nearly kill me on that thing. Im not going to ring, but I shall write to them instead to try and get them to understand how bad things are at the moment. What I actually need right now is a proper assessment done by a Dr not a physio.

My arms are shaking now just trying to type. Im actually feeling ok, but as the morning goes on I am starting to feel weaker. However I am due another mestinon right about now. Just waiting for my pill alarm to go off. I have to have an alarm as I forget to take the stuff, even though I know I get progressively weaker. I also have the problem that 10 mins after I have taken it I can forget if I did take it. You dont want to overdose on this stuff!

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